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About Us

Mythic Studios Tattoo & Airbrush 

Tattooing, Customized Airbrush, Sculpture, Mask Making, and Digital Artwork in Tennessee

About Mythic Studios Tattoo
We tailor our approach to tattooing to fit the client’s needs. Rather than the hustle and bustle of a busy street shop where the artists try to get the client in and out as fast as possible to move on to the next job, we take our time with each client, booking the whole studio for the client or client's group alone. The clients speak to and work directly with the artist for every step of the process. We don't require you to come in first to get a price for a tattoo, we can quote you over the phone or through text. We can work with most anyone's budget. Call or text today for more information. 865-712-6834
About The Artist
Jon Bradley Gaw-Urwin attended Ohio State University for two years on the Academic honors program, where he specifically studied art. He also attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He has worked as a commissioned artist since 2003. Currently he is the owner/operator of Mythic Studios which he founded in 2003. He is also a black belt in Shingitai Jujitsu under the founder John Saylor. He actively trains in the art and helps coach a kids Jujitsu program and self defense seminars locally. 

Airbrush Production Methods
My name is Brad Gaw-Urwin the artist and owner of Mythic Studios. We operate a studio in the beautiful smoky mountains of Tennessee. In the early days our business always specialized in designing and airbrushing t-shirts, but as technology and markets evolved so have we. We have taken the traditional "Airbrushed T-Shirt" and evolved it into a new product for the modern world in both its design and production. We are calling this new product "Air-Volution"; which simply means Airbrush-Evolution. We have taken all our traditional airbrush designs and re-painted them to support the Air-Volution process. We are also painting new displays daily. The result is a perfectly clean design resembling the airbrushed look without the over-spray and variations in the art when reproduced. What you see is what you get, and the best part is...the design will never fade. This Air-Volution process also allows us to produce our artwork on hoodies, drawstring backpacks, license plates, coasters, hats and coffee mugs. We do still produce traditional airbrushed work for select projects.  We also sell private paintings, portraits, sculptures, as well as wall and automotive murals. We make custom Halloween silicone, foam and burlap masks as well as props, and we are licensed to produce any style of tattoo. Feel free to contact me directly at 865-712-6834 to book a tattoo session or to ask about walk-in availability. You will have the opportunity to pick from the many designs displayed on this site. Remember we can customize Anything, you let us know what you want, and we'll find a way to do it! Please note that due to the custom nature of the work the size and placement of the design on the product may differ slightly from the photos. Thank you.

Custom Orders
Contact directly for Tattoo booking, design and consultations 865-712-6834
Average Production Time for Custom Orders: 2 days
Custom Order Options: We can make just about anything, custom names, photos, writing and personalized design work that can be adapted to be made on just about any product.
Our store policy is that we cannot accept exchanges or returns on personalized items.